New Ableton Performance classes with DJ Kiva

Ready to take your music from the studio to the stage using Ableton Live? 
Learn the same techniques used by many professional performing artists to take your music to the world! 

This 2 month course will show you multiple approaches of performing with Ableton. From DJing, solo performances, to working with vocalists and other musicians, you will learn the techniques necessary to build your own custom performance rig and start performing! 

This is a 2 month course spread out over 8 weeks of instruction. 

Each week, students will meet twice for hourly real-time onilne classes with the instructor and fellow classmates. 

Students will also have access to weekly 20 minute 1 on 1 video meeting with instructor for additional personalized instruction and guidance. 

A series of instructional videos will be available to students each week to reinforce major learning topics. 

This course is open to all musical styles and any artist ready to take their music to the stage using in Ableton Live! 

Learn the secrets of performing with the Ableton Performance Program under the guidance of renowned Ableton Certified Trainer and course designer, DJ Kiva. 

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