Dub in the Rainforest 03.09.14, St. Croix U.S.V.I


I Grade Records and Mount victory camp present Dub in the Rainforest 6. The vibes have been building and this very special edition will continue that trend. DITRF6 will be a NEW ALBUM LAUNCH for the new Midnite - I Grade album, "BEAUTY FOR ASHES". Featured artist will be none other than Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite. Tippy of I Grade Dub will be live dub mixing 'longside Vaughn, both brand new and classic Midnite-I Grade tunes. The fyah chanter Ancient King will reverence the house and bring a powerful set of fyah, like "Rightly the Trumpet" off of the JAH Warriah riddim. Special guestsPressure Busspipe and Ras Batch will also join Vaughn Benjamin to perform their now classic collaborations on "Beauty for Ashes" - "Same I Ah One" and "Weather the Storm", along with their other hits like "Virgin Islands Nice" and "Together". Ninjah P Sounds will be MC'ing and holding down the 1's and 2's, spinning classic VI reggae all night, HaileOne Sounds will be juggling early. And special guest dubmaster DJ Ras Kiva will be dubbing out a special set at the dub control tower. And you done know the VI singers & chanters in the house will be bless the mic with unity and love, as usual! Mount victory Camp Matt Corradino & Carmen) hospitality and vibes will be in full effect! with jungle bar fully stocked with juices, coconut water and more! Ital In Paradise will provide the best hot ital food around. Paul I-Sigh Cusin & Rashad Martinez of Forever Kings will be on hand to capture the fullness. DJ Karl Sounds providing the heavyweight sound as usual. Riddims will have the new Midnite CD on sale. Vibes alone! Miss this one, you really mad. Bless!

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